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Saving on Home Renovations
March 19, 2018

Is your kitchen in desperate need of a facelift? Bathrooms haven't been remodeled since Bush was in the White House? (And we're not saying which one!)

With the warmer weather approaching, many homeowners are thinking of making minor and major household improvements. And for most, the cost will be prohibitive: The average kitchen remodel tops $60,000 and a bathroom overhaul can run $18,000.

No worries, though! With some careful planning and smart choices, you...

Mt Juliet Branch Parking Lot Construction
March 12, 2018

We are currently in the process of redoing the parking lot at our Mt. Juliet Branch. The branch is still open for regular hours, but you will need to park behind the branch and enter through the side door. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Join US for the 70th Annual Meeting!
March 7, 2018

Please join us for the 70th Annual Meeting of US Community Credit Union on March 27, 2018. The Annual Meeting is being held at all branch locations (excluding McGavock and Hillsboro). You will have the opportunity to visit with staff, talk to other members, have...

Let's Celebrate, Murfreesboro Opening Specials
March 5, 2018

We're so excited to finally have a branch in Murfreesboro, and we hope our members are too! In fact, we're so excited we've decided to offer some great Limited TIME ONLY Specials at our Murfreesboro Branch. So hurry down to Murfreesboro for a visit and take advantage of these specials while you can...




Murfreesboro Branch NOW OPEN!
February 28, 2018

Our New Murfreesboro Branch is Finally Open for Business!

If you have driven past 1282 NW Broad St lately, you might have noticed the Murfreesboro Branch starting to come together. Well, we are now ready for you to visit. So if you live in Rutherford County, stop by and start using the new Murfreesboro Branch. 

USCCU began serving Rutherford County in 2005, and our membership now allows everyone who...

Energy Saving Tips - Buying New Appliances
February 27, 2018

There's no getting away from the fact that our dependence on energy increases daily. With energy-dependent technology driving our lives, ecologists continue to search for ways to save our environment. Focusing on energy-efficient appliances is one way to do that.

Your monthly electric bill may not itemize the specific usage of each appliance in your home. If you are interested in a breakdown, though, you can ask your local electric company for a listing. But about...

You're Spending Over $300K on Impulse Buys
February 26, 2018

A survey of 2,000 Americans about impulse spending, and found that respondents spend an average of $450 every month and that adds up to $5,400 annually, or $324,000 over the course of their lifetime, deal sharing platform Slickdeals reports.

According to the respondents, one in five purchases are purchased impulsively. The top purchases are on food and groceries, clothing, household items, takeout and shoes.

The majority of impulse spending happens in the...

Never Compromise on Business Quality
February 23, 2018

Warren says: "It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price." Identifying the high-quality businesses from the sea of opportunities on Wall Street can be challenging. But that is exactly what Warren Buffett advises every investor to do.

Over the last half century, the investing mogul's philosophy has evolved to focus almost exclusively on purchasing high-quality companies with promising long-term opportunities...

Beware of Intel Patch Scams
February 22, 2018

Last month, the media was thrown into a frenzy with the shocking news that millions of processors throughout the world were vulnerable to hackers. The problems, known as Spectre and Meltdown, lie within the core hardware of computers and smartphones, making them nearly impossible to fix or replace. This vulnerability potentially grants hackers access to the most sensitive information on these devices, including passwords, usernames and personal data.

To protect...

How to Talk Money With Your Partner
February 21, 2018

What happens when you and your partner have different approaches toward money? How do you bring up this loaded topic without it spiraling into a heated argument? Once again, it's USCCU to the rescue! Read on for the ultimate guide to discussing finances with your partner.

1.) Dedicate a time

Let your partner know you'd like to talk about money and, together, pick a time and place that works...