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5 Ways To Budget For Your Wedding

Q: I’m ready to tie the knot, but I don’t know if I can afford to have a wedding! Between the flowers, gown and venue, it’s thousands and thousands of dollars. How can I cut costs without compromising on my special day?

New Security for Your Credit Score

There seems to be a new data breach happening every day, and more people are facing fraudulent credit accounts being opened in their name. With tensions high, Equifax created a simple app that allows you to feel safe and secure amongst a world of security hackers.

What Can I Do About Robocalls

Are you sick of grabbing your ringing phone five times a day only to find yet another robocaller on the other end? If robocalls are getting to you, you’re not alone. Those super-annoying automatic calls have recently exploded, and it’s enough to make anyone go bonkers.

Rent Vs. Buy: College Edition

One of the most common arguments in personal finance is in determining whether it’s better to rent a place to live or to buy one. The short answer is: It depends. But what it depends on changes a lot from one person to another. It’s especially tricky for college students.

School Deposit Program

Here at USCCU we care about our students and we want to do our part to raise up and support the next generation.  That’s why we have programs in place for kids as young as elementary age all the way up through high school and beyond.

2018 CU for Kids Golf Classic

Our 9th Annual Credit Unions for Kids Golf Classic was a great success! All the proceeds went to benefit kids at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. We raised over $55,000 this year for these families in difficult times.

Agreeing With The Boss

Love 'em or hate 'em, meetings are an essential platform for sharing information, brainstorming new ideas and collaborating as a team. But are they always necessary? It doesn't seem so, finds new research from staffing firm Accountemps.

New School Year's Resolutions

Ah, autumn. That wonderful time of year when the leaves change color, football takes over the television for five uninterrupted months and students head back to school.