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Using a HELOC for Debt Consolidation

Do you ever feel like the conveyor belt of bills sliding across your kitchen table is at top speed? The bills keep coming and the balances due seem to stay the same month after month. Despite every effort to pay down the bills, there is no end in sight. You are not alone!

Guide to Getting a Home Equity Line of Credit in Tennessee

What would you do if your basement flooded during a period of heavy rain, requiring extensive and costly repairs? What if you wanted to increase the value of your home by renovating the kitchen or adding a pool? Would you have the funds available to do so? A home equity line of credit (HELOC) allows you, as the homeowner, the opportunity to borrow against the equity built up in your home.

New Cars Vs. Used Cars

Q: I need a new set of wheels and I’m wondering if it’s better to spring for a new vehicle or to go the cheaper route and buy a used vehicle. What do I need to know about each kind of purchase?

Rent Vs. Buy: College Edition

One of the most common arguments in personal finance is in determining whether it’s better to rent a place to live or to buy one. The short answer is: It depends. But what it depends on changes a lot from one person to another. It’s especially tricky for college students.

How Many Credit Cards Do I Need?

The importance of maintaining a good credit score is old news. As you likely know, the higher your score, the more attractive you will be to potential lenders, making larger loans and the best interest rates more accessible.