Auto Loans in Nashville, TN and Beyond

Searching for a new car, truck, or SUV? US Community Credit Union offers auto loans in Nashville, TN as well as most of middle Tennessee. Get pre-approved for a US Community Credit Union Auto Loan so you know the exact price range to search. We offer great rates and fast turnaround on the auto loan that fits your needs.


  • No Application Fees
  • Refinance Your Current Car Loan from Another Financial Institution

  • Get Pre-Approved to Find the Car in Your Price Range
  • Terms to Fit Your Needs

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Apply Online

  • New and Used Car Loans Available 


Looking for an Auto Loan in Nashville, TN?

We offer several quick and easy ways to get Pre-Approved for an auto loan. You can always stop by our Downtown Nashville Branch, located at 89 Hermitage Avenue, Nashville, TN, and talk to one of our helpful Member Service Representatives. They will explain the auto loan process, and review your approved amount, so you know exactly how much of a car you can afford before going to a dealership.



MEMBER'S CHOICE Mechanical Repair Coverage 

Whether your car is already financed at USCCU, at another institution, or paid off, you can add a MEMBER'S CHOICE Mechanical Repair Coverage anytime during the life of the vehicle. MEMBER'S CHOICE Mechanical Repair Coverage is a comprehensive coverage for all makes and models of automobiles. You will be able to enjoy your new purchase and have "peace of mind". For more information, give us a call at 615-256-8712 or come by any of our branch locations.

MEMBER'S CHOICE Guaranteed Asset Protection Plus

What is Guaranteed Asset Protection Plus? It's a way to help protect your vehicle loan. When you buy a new or used vehicle, there's no way to know if it will be stolen or totaled in an accident. With MEMBER'S CHOICE Guaranteed Asset Protection Plus, you're protecting your vehicle investment against a possible financial loss. New vehicles depreciate rapidly and there may be a point where you owe more on your auto loan than the vehicle is worth. That's where GAP Plus can kick in. GAP Plus will help cancel the difference between the primary insurance settlement and what you may still owe. Ask your Loan Officer for more information.