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Branches & ATMs


Branches and No-Charge ATMs

Offering 9 Local USCCU Branches, Over 5,000 Nationwide CO-OP Shared Branches, and a Network of over 30,000 ATMs

Totally Free ATMs from USCCU!

USCCU has an ATM network for our members with many convenient locations around Nashville, TN and across the nation. 

ATM Withdrawal Limit

USCCU members have an ATM withdrawal limit of $400 during any 24 hour time frame. EXAMPLE: A USCCU member withdraws $400 from an ATM at 1:00 PM on Thursday. The member would not be able to withdraw any additional funds until 1:01 PM the next day (in this example Friday).

Experience the convenience of CO-OP Shared Branches today at these Middle Tennessee locations.

Need to make a payment on your credit union loan or get a cash withdrawal from your credit union account or get a cash advance on your credit union Visa Credit Card?...Simply visit any one of our Middle Tennessee Credit Union Shared Branches and request a transaction just like you do from a teller at our USCCU office. You must know your account number and also show a photo ID.



The Tennessee CU - 1281 S Walnut Ave


The Tennessee CU - 1809 Mallory Ln
Veritas FCU - 1 Nissan Way


The Tennessee CU - 716 Nashville Pk


The Tennessee CU - 917 Rivergate Pkwy


Enbright CU (formerly Electric Service CU) - 270 Indian Lake Blvd


Enbright CU - 2139 Lebanon Pk (Donelson)
Enbright CU - 1214 Church St Ste 100 (NES Bldg, Downtown)
Nashville Post Office CU - 10 Rachel Dr (Nashville)
The Tennessee CU - 1400 8th Ave S (Downtown)
The Tennessee CU - 107 White Bridge Rd (West)


Veritas FCU - 509 Enon Springs Rd E
National CO-OP Shared Branches


National CO-OP Shared Branches

Out of town? No worries, we have a branch nearby. For over 5,000 nationwide CO-OP Shared Branches, visit:

USCCU-Affiliated ATMs

(No fees are charged if transactions are on your USCCU checking account at the following locations.)

 Co-Op Network logo

US Community Credit Union has joined the "CO-OP Network", a nationwide network of surcharge free ATMs. The "CO-OP Network" provides members with access to over 30,000 credit union ATMs located across the nation. For a complete list of the ATMs visit

**5-19-2016: CO-OP ATMs inside Publix Stores are no longer surcharge free**