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School Financial Literacy & Savings Programs

It's never too early to start teaching kids about financial responsibility. US Community Credit Union believes learning to save and manage money is important, and is focused on teaching these needed life skills to the youth in our local schools. Statistics show that most youth today don't learn nearly enough about effectively managing money. Our in-school savings programs give students the tools they need to save money and make wise financial decisions in the future. The Centsables program caters to elementary age students while the older students are introduced to the Middle School Savings Program. The Middle School Savings Program prepares your child to use our full-service student-run branches at McGavock and Hillsboro High Schools as they start saving for senior year expenses while attending high school. We look forward to having your child involved in the program.

How the Savings Programs Work

Visiting the School: A representative from US Community Credit Union comes to your child’s school a few times each month. Here is a schedule of the days we will be at the school over the 2019/2020 year.

Reminders: Deposit day reminders will be sent out by email and school call out to let parents know when we will be there.

Deposit Time: After the morning announcements, the Principal will announce it is Bank Savings Day so your child can come to make their deposits.

What to Bring: Be sure to send your child’s deposit with them, along with the savings passbook and reward card.

Savings Passbook: The savings passbook is used to track their deposits so they can watch their money grow. The representative will update this each day.

Rewards Card: Their rewards card will be hold punched every time your child deposits $5 or more. Once they deposit $50 and their card is full, they can take their rewards card to the nearest branch to get a toy from our treasure chest.

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Elementary Schools in The Centsables Savings Program:

  • Cambridge Early Learning Center

  • Cane Ridge Elementary

  • Eagle View Elementary

  • East End Prep

  • Hattie Cotton Elementary

  • Lakeview Design Center Elementary

  • Mt. View Elementary

  • Rosebank Elementary

  • Ruby Major Elementary

  • Smith Springs Elementary

  • Stanford Montessori Elementary

  • Thomas Edison Elementary

  • Tulip Grove Elementary

Middle Schools in the Deposit Program:

  • Donelson Middle School

  • Dupont Hadley Middle School

  • Dupont Tyler Middle School

  • Two Rivers Middle School

Click Here to Download the Middle School Program Enrollment Form

When is US Community Credit Union Coming to My Child’s School?

The following is a list of schools currently involved in the programs and a schedule of their savings days.

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