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Halloween Safety Tips

It’s that spooky time of year again. Halloween is coming, and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) want to make sure you have a safe one.

Credit Score And Age

A new study from online loan marketplace LendingTree finds that older Americans tend to have the best credit scores. On average, members of the silent generation (the oldest cohort) have credit scores 100 points higher than those of millennials.

7 Halloween Hacks You Don't Want To Miss

Halloween is coming – and so is the fun! Everyone wants to win the prize for creepiest costume and the most frightening yard décor in the neighborhood. But all that spookiness comes with a scary price tag. Read on for 7 awesome Halloween hacks that are just too good to miss.

DIY Costumes

It’s fun for the family when everyone dresses up on Halloween, but it can also get pricey. With a little bit of creativity, though, there are lots of exciting costumes you can put together at home.

Attraction-Finding Apps

Have you ever been somewhere new or even just looking for a change of scenery in a familiar place? Check out our list of attraction-finding apps so you can hit every hotspot in your hometown, or near your vacation destination.

Lighten Up With Indoor Plants

Pulling some of the outdoors into your home with houseplants can reap numerous health benefits and add to your home décor. Plus, the controlled indoor environment is beneficial to a host of plants.

Why More People Are Opting To Watch Big Games At Home

When your favorite sports season is in full swing, and as your favorite teams play in important games, it’s time to decide where to watch the game. While going to a live game is exciting and sports bars have their appeal, more people are choosing to stay home.

Simple Ways To Reuse Plastic Bags

Paper or plastic? Hopefully your answer is “neither.” But if you’ve left your reusable, recycled and repurposed shopping bags at home or in the car and you have a load of groceries to carry home, you usually must choose one or the other.