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A Safer Way To Pay Using Your Debit Card

With data breaches continuing across the globe, consumers are still wondering how they should be paying for goods and services. Everyone wants their information to be safe but not everyone knows the best way to protect themselves.

Digital Identity Risk

As data breach incidents proliferate, a new AARP survey finds that an alarming number of people have failed to take the basic precautions against identity fraud.

Is Online Bill Pay Safe?

Is Online Bill Pay Safe? A few clicks, and your bills are paid! But is it safe? Unfortunately, many people share sensitive information with crooks, thinking they’re paying a bill.

Phone Cloning And Digital Self Defense

Most of us realize a clone is a genetic copy of something else. But, did you know it is possible to clone a phone? Cloning a phone means that the identity of one phone is copied to another phone, making a nearly exact replica of the original.

New Security for Your Credit Score

There seems to be a new data breach happening every day, and more people are facing fraudulent credit accounts being opened in their name. With tensions high, Equifax created a simple app that allows you to feel safe and secure amongst a world of security hackers.

What Can I Do About Robocalls

Are you sick of grabbing your ringing phone five times a day only to find yet another robocaller on the other end? If robocalls are getting to you, you’re not alone. Those super-annoying automatic calls have recently exploded, and it’s enough to make anyone go bonkers.

Look Before You Pump That Gas!

How many times a month do you fill ‘er up? It’s a mindless chore, but did you know it can also be the beginning of a financial nightmare? Gas pump skimming is an old crime that’s made a comeback – and your debit card may be at risk.

Beware of Business Scams

How much would you pay for the opportunity to work from home and earn six figures in less than 90 days? That's exactly what the Digital Altitude company promised: They said you'd just pay for training and coaching, and then you'd be shown how to pull in the big bucks with almost no effort. Thousands of people jumped at the chance and signed up for the courses.

Beware of Intel Patch Scams

Last month, the media was thrown into a frenzy with the shocking news that millions of processors throughout the world were vulnerable to hackers. The problems, known as Spectre and Meltdown, lie within the core hardware of computers and smartphones, making them nearly impossible to fix or replace.