New Online Banking Setup

Login Instructions

NOTE: Your User ID and Password are the same for Online Banking and our Mobile App.  


New Online Banking Users

If you are enrolling in Online Banking for the first time follow these instructions to setup the new Online Banking system.

How to Enroll in On-Line Banking

  1. Click the RED "CLICK HERE TO SETUP & LOGIN TO ONLINE BANKING" button below these instructions.
  2. Click on: "Enroll in Online Banking".
  3. Enter your Member ID.
  4. Enter your Social Security Number.
  5. Accept Terms & Conditions.
  6. Click Enroll.
  7. Create Username, this can be your Member ID or an alias based on user preference.
  8. Create a Password.
  9. Once you complete this section you will be prompted to sign on using your new Username and Password.
  10. Enter new Username and Password, Click "Login"
  11. You will now be prompted to answer 5 security questions (part of the enrollment process). click "Save".
  12. You will then be directed to your Online Banking landing page.